We understand the importance of exploring alternative methods of delivering care and integrating new concepts of operations into facility programming and planning. We plan facilities based on strategic intent & operational targets–and not just respond to perceived space deficits.

Facility Programming and Planning

Your facility should be a custom fit for your delivery, economic and cultural realities. We know how to make that happen both as project leaders or playing a supporting role in the design task. We understand how to anticipate your facility from the “room up”, or from the “site down”. Either way, it will be functional and implementable.
Functional and Space Programming

Our Functional and Space Programming clarifies project specific requirements. Functional Programming works in tandem with the Space Program effort, documenting functional and operational requirements of each department in your planned facility. This documentation identifies a functional description, operational concepts, staffing requirements, room specific issues, and adjacencies.

Master Planning

Our efforts begin with an understanding of Client goals, needs, and priorities. We study patient populations, workload volumes, and existing infrastructure. Visioning work sessions with leadership and stakeholders adds clarity and perspective; informing the establishment of client goals and priorities. We create a concept plan to meet current and future needs. Phasing, budgeting, and priorities are woven into the development of the appropriate solution to create a roadmap for real implementation.

Medical Planning / Design Assistance

We provide expertise and assistance to your design team in the programming, planning and construction documentation of your healthcare facilities. Our professionals draw on their extensive experience and backgrounds in healthcare design and construction to strengthen and support the architectural and engineering team in the design and delivery effort. Our services translate into significant savings in costs and move your operations from in-the-red to in-the-black.

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