We assist our clients in all phases of strategic and operational planning–from nurturing a common vision with your stakeholders, to conducting focused market research that informs your strategic plan, to analyzing specific opportunities for improvement, investment and growth through tactical planning.

Strategic and Operational Planning

Our approach is based on rigorous quantitative analysis, but includes broadly informed qualitative and intuitive inputs.

Market Research

Knowing your ever changing market is foundational for any healthcare staff, services or capital planning effort. We help our clients understand both their present and desired market in breadth and depth. Intensive population analysis and growth scenarios invite our clients to identify the population window that best fits their risk tolerances

Delivery Network Planning

Our understanding of the unique delivery network challenges among our Public Health, Private Sector, Academic, and Defense clients help us create innovative approaches toward optimizing the delivery of care for all. Our planners study populations and group communities or clusters to develop discrete demand projections for each delivery point in the network. We then translate unsupportable workloads into delivery opportunities by demonstrating the points in the network where regional or centralized opportunities exist.

Service Line Planning

We assist our clients in knowing not only what business is like in their market and facility, but what part of it they should invest in. Our process starts with a primary and secondary service area definition, and examination of transaction level data to identify facility profitability by service and product line.

Medical Staff Development

Using service area population demographics filtered through recognized benchmarks, we facilitate our client’s understanding of market requirements by physician specialty. Utilizing a detailed service line analysis, a thorough understanding of strategic goals, and a clear projection of capital requirements needed to support those physicians, we assist our clients in achieving the best possible return for their physician recruitment dollar.

Organizational Improvement / Process Improvement

Whether it’s mapping patient flow through your system, easing patient way-finding, or comparing departmental/staff productivity to industry best benchmarks, we find ways to shave important seconds off your bottle-necks, identify hidden staffing productivity opportunities, and re-assign poorly used space. Improving care without capital expenditures is an attractive venture that can translate into significant savings in costs and move your operations from in-the-red to in-the-black.


Our ability to simulate systems in action, at an office, department or facility level, allows our clients to isolate discrete factors that may be hurting productivity. Simulation allows you to see the system in action prior to new capital or operational investment, or evaluate the current system already in place to troubleshoot both what is going wrong and why. Either way, a moving picture is worth a thousand words. And we can help develop the picture, interpret what you see, and identify a path to a better future.

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