Architects, Engineers and Contractors look to The Innova Group as partners to enhance their services and augment their expertise in the planning, design and construction implementation process.

Design Professionals

Facilities planning and construction professionals rely on our expertise throughout all phases of the design effort. We are your complement not your competitor, adding value to your services for your client.

Our staff draws on a professional understanding of the design process and requirements, creating a seamless design support that ensures appropriate validation and implementation of planning needs.

Examples of our services and expertise unique to Design Professionals include:

  • Specific expertise to augment any or all phases of the design process
  • Strategic view of all facets of planning requirements to enhance decision making in the design process
  • Deep project experience (operations, design, and facilities) that provides valuable perspective to support the design needs of any specialty area
  • Capable of filling whatever process gaps you may be faced with in your design effort
  • Equipment planning expertise to provide insight into early stage design considerations

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