The Innova Group has been helping professionals within government sponsored healthcare systems in all corners of the country address their specific planning challenges for almost twenty (20) years. We know the systemic operational and implementation challenges they face, and have created actionable solutions sensitive to system specific criteria and regulations.

Government Sponsored Health Systems

No need is too small; no challenge too great. We’ve helped all strata of government professionals – from isolated small ambulatory clinic administrators to tertiary care facility executives (operations, finance, and facility) to area/regional leadership.

We’ve worked with clinical and facility leadership from the United States Military Health Service, the United States Veterans Health Administration, the Indian Health Service and many state-funded medical centers. Internationally, we have worked with the foreign government systems such as the Ministry of Health in China and the Ministry of Health in Kuwait.

Government Sponsored Health System executive, administrative, facility and clinical professionals typically look to us to address services in the following categories:

  • Provide meaningful market scenarios that facilitate understanding of health services demand
  • Crosswalk government/public data sets to support discrete planning challenges
  • Identify critical delivery decisions that define appropriate staff, space, and site demand
  • Create consistent planning mechanisms/tools for diverse populations and service areas encompassing urban, rural, state or national geographies
  • Inform government criteria with best practices from other sectors
  • Develop needed business planning support and financing approval support
  • Create Health Services Master Plans for local or national geographies thaterage facility/staff/funding realities
  • Create Facility Master Plans for both new and addition/alteration projects
  • Document planning efforts appropriate to formatting and organizational requirements
  • Support the multi-tier client conversations necessary for project success (clinic to region, region to area, area to national)
  • Create actionable implementation path and priorities

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