Business, Finance and Operational Professionals within health systems and hospital provider networks look to us to solve their broad strategy, health services network delivery and operational challenges.

Hospital & Health System Administrators, Business, Finance and Operations Professionals

The Innova Group lends a unique understanding of the inter-relationship of finance, operations and facilities issues. We create a custom response based on your needs that is reliable and actionable.

We can solely focus on services related to business strategy. We can also integrate the strategic/ operational planning with capital asset investment and planning decisions.

Business, Finance and Operations Professionals typically look to us to address services in the following categories:

  • Identify/analyze complex market variables ranging from demographic analysis/projections to potential competitor scenarios
  • Develop investment portfolio strategies for capital assets (Hospitals, Freestanding EDs, ASCs, DI Centers, Urgent Care, etc.)
  • Project service lines/product lines, translating volumes into meaningful revenue opportunities
  • Reliable interpretation and conversion of state data into demand definition relative to staffing and space
  • Operational improvement analysis ranging from patient flow efficiencies to department/staff productivity
  • Stakeholder engagement and support for critical task accomplishment
  • Physician demand projections in light of reform initiatives

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