The Innova Group has a long history of providing healthcare planning services to integrated government sponsored healthcare systems. This requires a unique understanding and expertise to manage the issues of healthcare and healthcare delivery requirements; balancing the investment of finance, health and wellness, and the provision of healthcare services.

Government Based Health Systems

Our clients have included the United States Military Health Service, the United States Veterans Health Administration, and the Indian Health Service. Internationally, we have worked with foreign government systems such as the Ministry of Health in China and the Ministry of Health in Kuwait.

Examples of our services and expertise unique to the Government Based Health Systems include:

  • Trusted access to and ability to interpret/manipulate government datasets, protocols, forms and standards

  • Thorough understanding of resource utilization (space, staff, equipment) and forecasting methods in the government healthcare sector

  • Proven ability to “translate” private sector practices into government sector requirements

  • Development of system wide strategic and operational planning and design standards

  • Deep knowledge of the funding mechanisms and “business case” requirements for government sector projects

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