The Innova Group brings best practices from the US to our international clients, and vice versa. Our understanding of the similarities and differences of multiple environments is of unique value to international healthcare providers.

International Health Systems

Responding to evolving global healthcare market opportunities requires first-hand knowledge of the nuances specific to each geography’s economic and operational realities. 

The Innova Group has effectively provided consulting expertise in many parts of Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Our recent work has included engagements in China, South Korea, Viet Nam, Brunei, Singapore, Germany and Georgia.

Our success rests on first-hand knowledge of the specific operational patterns related to local economies, the medical financing system, the clinical education system and cultural norms.

Examples of our services and expertise unique to International Health Systems include:

  • Demonstrated ability to interpret/manipulate government datasets, protocols, forms and standards
  • Proven market analytics, forecasting, and experience working with multiple nations’ data systems
  • Capability to “translate” US practices into other countries’ requirements
  • Knowledge of many international, US public and private sector planning standards and approaches
  • Development of system wide strategic and operational planning and design standards

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