Market Analysis, Campus and Capital Plan

Carson Valley Medical Center (CVMC), a critical access hospital located just south of Carson City, affiliated with Renown Health based in Reno, Nevada, initiated a strategic and facility planning effort to address three key issues: capacity constraints, inefficient facilities, and clarity around future capital needs.

The Innova Group met with the CVMC administrative and physician leadership to understand the current situation and operational challenges. CVMC was experiencing capacity constraints in emergency and surgery. As part of the current state assessment, Innova conducted targeted analyses around capacity utilization and documented functional challenges associated with CVMC’s outdated facilities.

With the baseline situation documented, Innova spent time discussing national trends and their possible application to CVMC’s situation, and, in parallel, assessed the market and competitive situation.

The Innova Group conducted a work session to align the CVMC project steering committee on current challenges, market dynamics, and priorities for the organization. Innova forecast CVMC volumes and clinical capacity requirements to inform the long-range campus planning.

The result was a comprehensive understanding of the challenges, vision for the role of CVMC in the market and in relation to Renown, and a phased campus and capital plan with supporting rationale and analysis.