Jiaxing Celebration Health Master Plan

The strategic plan for medical services at JCH was to provide an appropriate, balanced investment in medical and medical related services that afforded HKR the ability to maximize the development of housing and housing related services.

This was accomplished through:

  • Aligning the development of medical and medical related services with the governments’ desire to address the health care needs of the elderly with a strategy that meets the total investment objectives of HKR
  • Developing a facility that meets a unique market/patient profile so that the Ministry of Health grants a license for the facility(s)
  • Developing an investment in healthcare services that aligns with the stated philosophy of JCH.
  • Developing a business clinical focus of medical services that is viewed as a unique and beneficial addition to the current complement of medical services in the community

The business strategy proposed development of a 500-bed hospital, in three phases, with the hospital focusing on diseases most often experienced by the elderly (services that have the largest market opportunity in terms of scale) and high-end women’s services.  In addition to aligning with the overall mission of JCH – developing a community to support the needs of the elderly – JCH emphasizes cardio-vascular disease and oncology, the fastest growing areas of medical demand in China.

The hospital will be developed to international standards and will align with international management and clinical providers to offer the highest quality of care. It is assumed that, 35% of all services delivered in the hospital will be “premium services”; provided through a collaborative Sino-foreign JV clinical model. These services will differentiate the hospital with respect to local competition, reinforce the argument for the application of license to the Ministry of Health, and support a premium sales price for the residential property within JCH.