Kayenta Alternative Rural Healthcare Center

The new Kayenta Health Center is a small rural hospital providing emergency, ambulatory surgery, birthing and medical acute care nursing to a remote Navajo Nation population in northern Arizona.  The Alternative Rural Healthcare Facility is a unique programmatic healthcare prototype dedicated to providing local primary, diagnostic, and emergency care while minimizing dedicated 24/7 care to essential cost effective and culturally responsive services.  The rural environments served by the Indian Health Service, where medical staff recruitment is difficult, requires this prototype with a functional approach sensitive to cross trained staff and services sharing staff.

Working directly with staff, tribal representatives, architects, and engineers, Innova’s team analyzed and validated the assumptions underlying the staff and space programming and provided design assist and medical equipment planning for the new facility.  Innova helped develop optimal solutions that gained the support of all critical stakeholders.

The replacement Kayenta Health Center project highlights The Innova Group’s ability to offer integrated planning services of planning, programming, design assist and medical equipment while setting the table for, guiding and facilitating new design teams to extraordinary solutions.