Nationwide Health System / Healthcare Infrastructure Master Plan

The Innova Group prepared a nationwide health system and health care infrastructure master plan for the Government of Brunei. The scope included master planning of three district hospitals, one new hospital site and 16 health centers. To develop the master plan, The Innova Group assessed the six core pillars of Brunei’s health system, as well as the physical infrastructures required to support the system.

Six core pillars:

  • Service Delivery
  • Medical Products, Vaccines, and Technology
  • Governance
  • Information Technology and Research
  • Human resources and Workforce Planning
  • Finance

The master plan incorporated extensive research and analysis of the existing issues and delivers a strategic plan that identifies short, medium, and long range initiatives, assuring quality improvement, sustainability, and efficiency of the health care system, and provides for better health for the culturally diverse and growing nation of Brunei Darussalam.