New Hospital Planning

Planning for the healthcare needs of population centers in rapidly developing parts of the world presents unique challenges of scope and technology. The Innova Group was asked to bring its expertise to bear on the feasibility assessment and planning for a new hospital in the Nanshan District of Shenzhen, China, by forecasting local and regional market conditions. Through scenario modeling, Innova’s analytical team isolated four specialty areas that best fit the existing and projected healthcare environment: preventive health, orthopedic and hand microsurgery, cardiovascular care, and women’s services.

In partnership with CMC Architects, The Innova Group worked extensively on the facility’s development, providing strategic planning, programming, campus master planning, and schematic design services for the 350-bed hospital. Benefitting from thorough room-by-room and work-line analysis, the client can move ahead with confidence in the construction of an advanced, efficient, and competitive medical care facility that is well suited to its service area.