The Innova Group is a healthcare consultancy providing innovative solutions for a full spectrum of integrated health systems and provider organizations–both domestically and internationally.

We are a talented group of multi-disciplinary professionals providing solutions to health systems, hospitals, and large medical groups. Our expertise includes:

Our staff includes seasoned operations & planning consultants, former hospital administrators, nurses, architects, and biomedical engineers—allowing us to analyze each project from multiple viewpoints.

We serve a broad range of healthcare providers: from nationally funded healthcare systems to academic medical centers and private hospitals; from small rural hospitals and physician clinics to independent healthcare systems.

The unparalleled experience and perspective that comes from working closely with a variety of providers across vastly different cultures, political systems and socioeconomic conditions translates into a powerful knowledgebase that we share with our clients.

Individually, we are leaders in our unique specialties. Together, we form an integrated whole that brings both keen insight and expansive vision to your project. As a team, we are able to view your organization from all perspectives to design smart, balanced, and informed solutions that will help you realize your strategic, financial, and operational goals.

We enjoy long term relationships with many of our clients, who view us as trusted thought-partners and advisors

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