Market Metro Investment Strategy Study

For a non-profit healthcare company operating more than 40 hospitals in the Southwest, rapid population growth presents both myriad investment opportunities and difficult-to-predict risks. To determine which capital investments would provide the greatest return and best support its mission in a diverse metropolitan area, the company’s leaders came to The Innova Group. Innova’s recognized expertise in quantifying demand in complex markets convinced the client Innova could supply the data and strategic direction needed to invest their capital wisely.

The Innova Group’s mission: to devise a strategy for evaluating opportunities amid shifting demographics in a volatile economy. Innova’s team created a series of templates to address a variety of capital investment scenarios. To produce this instrument, Innova’s researchers logged in analyzing population numbers and tracking marketplace development, at a block-by-block level. This rigorous process supplied information that enables decision makers to intelligently evaluate the assumptions and forecasts presented to them, and to confidently predict the success of any given investment.