Master Planning, Highest and Best Use Studies

Tufts Medical Center is a two million square foot academic medical center in Boston. The Innova Group has led multiple master planning, highest and best use studies, and business case studies for Tufts over the past several years.

The master planning and highest and best use studies occurred over multiple iterations and included the following efforts:

  • Affirm planning and strategic assumptions, principles, and priorities
  • Refresh volume forecasts and clinical throughput assumptions to estimate “key room needs”
  • Assess existing conditions and space use; update future space needs/block sizes for the campus
  • Provide a highest and best use study for a specific parcel on the campus, including a phasing/relocation plan and a high level financial model in a sale/development scenario
    • Develop block sizes and relocation matrixes for re-use of all facilities on the campus
    • Develop an administrative space needs and phasing plan
  • Create a vision and master block plan for a new large ambulatory center
  • Work with architects to develop a long term urban plan for the site