Ambulatory Volume and Capacity Forecasting

NorthPoint Health and Wellness Center, a Federally Qualified Health Center in Minneapolis, is undergoing a multi-phase master plan and redevelopment to expand services and space to meet the health and wellness needs of the community. The Innova Group was engaged to evaluate the market demands and facility needs to inform the facility design work.

The Innova Group worked with NorthPoint leadership and clinical staff to understand current services, patients, and market presence. Next, Innova analyzed the market to define opportunities for medical, dental, and behavioral care for geographies for which NorthPoint is well-positioned to care. In addition to the major clinical programs, Innova defined the needs for key ancillary services such as pharmacy and imaging. With the clinical vision defined, Innova transitioned this information to the architect engaged by NorthPoint to prepare concept plans and update the capital budget.

NorthPoint now has a solid business case for clinical services and is working on implementation steps for the new facility.